Dream Catchers

Born in 2012, DreamCatchers is a Portuguese brand of sustainable clothing made for women who believe in conscious and ethical consumption.

The clothes are produced in India, where the founder of the brand studied, lived and fell in love with the richness, quality and history of Indian fabrics.

All of our collections are limited in order to respect the individuality of each woman.

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At Dream Catchers, we have established a connection with all our workers. We work closely with our factory and make sure our workers are paid fairly.



We work with organic materials such as bamboo, aloe vera, banana or silk and hand-made materials such as cotton. We promote natural-dyed, chemical-free fabrics and we are passionate about traditional Indian hand-made techniques such as the blockprint or Shibori.

We are faithful to the principle of zero waste and do not use plastic in any circumstance: our price tags are made from recycled paper and our bags are waste material.



All of our natural fabrics have an organic certificate. We work with organic fabrics: Bamboo

Bamboo fiber with linen fiber

Milk Fiber of banana tree with Linen

Bananeira Fiber

Orange Fiber

Lotus Fiber

Rose Fiber

Aloe Vera Fiber

Organic Cotton

Silk (Non-Violent)

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